The WSC50D is a professional walk-behind scrubber-dryer, ideal for the thorough cleaning of medium to large size areas.The WS50D has a cleaning width of 455mm which, combined with a 4.3 km/h speed, boasts an area coverage of up to 1660m2/h. It is available with a mains power cord. Additionally, traction can be brush assisted . The control panel is clear and easy to operate. Compact as it is, it has a large water tank capacity.Mechanical parameters are displayed at any time, keeping you abreast of the operational situation of the machine. The machine is equipped with a curved water scraper which it makes for better water sucking, a brush disk fitted with a shield, preventing the sewage from getting out. The ergonomic design minimizes operator fatigue and increases productivity, making cleaning with WSC50 more efficient and more comfortable.



Operating Power: 220-240 V, 50/60 Hz,
Air Flow Rate: n/a
Motor Type/Rating: 750-1200W
Water Lift: 2800mm

Speed: 148rpm
Capacity: 27.8l / 31.3l
Timing Protection: Auto
Noise level:<65dB