With the most powerful combination of spray and extraction pumps, this industrial carpet cleaner is amongst the most energy efficient, durable, hygienic carpet extractors on the market today. The WS 3 in 1 Carpet machine is a Self-contained, Industrial spray-extraction machine for large flat carpeted/textile areas. The spray-extraction machine is used for fibre-deep hygienic intermediate and basic cleaning according to the spray-extraction method. During this process cleaning solution or water is sprayed deep into the carpet pile under pressure and sucked off again in the same work cycle. Through high pressure spraying, the cleaner can is sprayed onto the bottom of the carpet, so as to effectively dissolve the obstinate dirt and stains. Driven by a high power motor, the brush rotates at the speed of 600rpm to deeply clean the fibre flocks of the carpet softly and thoroughly. The specially arranged roll brush easily brushes apart the tingled carpet loops, making the carpet return to its original state after cleaning.

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Operating Power: 220-240 V, 50/60 Hz,
Air Flow Rate: 140l/s
Motor Type/Rating: 2 x Bypass 3 Stage /1500W
Water Lift: 3200mm

Power Brush: Yes
Powerflo: Yes
Timing Protection: Auto
Noise level: 68dB (at 1 meter)